Thank You – You’re A Star


Thank You – You’re A Star


The card reads “Thank You – You’re A Star”.

For those times when you want to give a friendly thanks to a someone who has helped.

Saying thank you – it’s everyday etiquette and a simply courtesy that takes just a moment. It costs nothing, not even effort.

But it’s also one of the most important ways in which we interact with others, both those closest to us and those with whom we have contact for the briefest of times.

We say thank you for gifts, thank you for special favors, and thank you for assistance in times of need. But it’s not only the big things where thank you matters. We also say thank you as we’re handed our change in the store, thank you to someone who holds the door for us, and thank you to the person who passes us the salt at dinner.

People who make a habit of saying thank you receive better service. What’s more, they often find that people are ready and willing to ‘go the extra mile’ on their behalf. And of course showing gratitude to family, friends and colleagues will result in positive payback in all kinds of ways, from a happier home life to increased success in business. In fact several well-known business gurus claim that the secret of their success is almost entirely down to taking the time to say thank you.

It’s a phrase that is pretty much ubiquitous. But it’s never unwelcome, and it can mean so much.

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The card is …

  • Made from luxury 300 gsm hammered effect card
  • Large format – 147mm x 147mm
  • High quality ribbed, brown envelope
  • Blank on the inside
  • Packaged in a cellophane sleeve

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